Tailoring is an art that plays a fundamental role in making the dress more beautiful attractive and captivating for all ages This course is intended to provide special children’s skills with various specialty groups. This is a flexible specialized course based on 100% practical. Apprentices will acquire basic cutting and sewing skills that will enable them to do this to become an active member of society, as well as to earn theirs support.

Would you like to learn how to sew? Is your dream job in the fashion industry? Do you already work in the Fashion Design sector but would like to complete it with a tailoring course? Then United College, is the right place for you!

At our fashion College, we believe that a sewing class has more to offer than learning to sew. Make your dream come true and become a tailor or a cutting, sewing and pattern making expert through our training.

At United College, we focus on hands-on practice, sharing useful knowledge, and instilling the joy of working with beautiful leaders in all course participants. From the first lesson, they receive the same information and knowledge that we pass on to our apprentices because we want them to feel the same joy and appreciation for the job we do.


Tailoring Course Content

  • Work on sewing machine
  • Draft and cut the pattern for stitching
  • Oil the machine
  • Thread the Machine
  • Operate the machine
  • Follow the lines on sewing machine
  • Maintain the machine
  • Understand the operation of machine
  • Describe parts of the machine
  • Name functions of machines
  • Explain the maintenance process
  • Understand Procedures of machine
  • Elaborate the process of sewing